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Well it has been quite a week, personally, professionally and technically. My next challenge is to deal with telecos and get my ass onto the NBN. I can’t wait to be able to upload things…and, sure, watch more Netflix without it going all annoying and pixelated while it loads! Gotta respect the Netflix binge as a way of chilling after a week that was way busier than I wanted it to be.



#ArchiveLove Link Up


#ArchiveLove Blog Link Up


Some of our best posts sit in our archives – maybe we didn’t have the timing right, maybe we were a smaller blogger back then! Share a post from your archives that could do with some loving. Any topic is fine!


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Vanessa Smith


  1. Hope you get it all sorted and enjoy your Netflix binge very soon! We must be the only people who don’t have Netflix. What are we like?

  2. Oh for the NBN where we are but I do hear some mixed messages about service, I hope it all goes well for you. We love Netflix, pixellation and all, I don’t know if we could survive without it given the rubbish on free to air. Thanks for the linkup #ArchiveLove

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