Batching My Blog Post Writing

The only way I can really be certain that I will publish three posts per week is write them in one go. Which is also known as batching your content creation. I know that some people don’t like to do this, and I was a bit hesitant towards it at first, but I’ve found it works really well for me.


Batching My Blog Post Writing


I think to some bloggers it seems a bit cold to write in advance, because it’s not as raw as a blog “should” be that way. But here’s the thing – if you are “feeling” the blog post as you write it, then your reader will still be feeling what you intended when you read it. Think about something that is writing filled with emotion – the class TV “will they, won’t they” romance plot line. Scripts are not written on the day of filming! They are written in advance. And yet, through the work of the actors and crew (aka your blog and social media distribution), you’ll still feel happy (or sad!) when the characters finally get together on a TV show.


Obviously, if your blog is based around breaking news, or has cyclical trends (think winter wardrobes for fashion bloggers or i-device releases for tech bloggers) then there will be some things that you can’t plan ahead and batch write. Batching isn’t suitable for everyone. But it can be suitable for a lot more bloggers than take advantage of this content creation method.


Do you write blog posts ahead of time? Why/why not?


Vanessa Smith

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