Places To Blog From

Places To Blog From

I actually don’t spend much time at my laptop. I have a pretty bad habit of writing blog posts on my phone, and then just doing the scheduling and images on my  laptop.


Places To Blog From


Places To Blog From


The disadvantage to this is that writing on your phone just doesn’t seem like a healthy thing to do. Squishy thumbs, neck craned down… surely phones are not ergonomic or good for you in that regard. The massive advantage though is that I am pretty good at capturing my ideas when they come to me. That means that I don’t miss out on ideas and try to write a stilted post later on the same topic. I get to capture my ideas when they’re fresh, which I find makes a better flow of writing. And, hopefully, a better reading experience.


I know the positive stereotypical image of bloggers is that of a beach, a cocktail and a laptop – but I’d question how many people this stereotype actually fits! And also, are these people terrified of sand getting into their laptop? I would be. But that could be because I destroyed a laptop the other year with a cup of water.


Anyway, because I tend to write on my phone, my writing literally gets done wherever I am. Quite often, while I’m at lunch or commuting.


I’m curious to know where you get your blogging done. Leave a comment and let me know!

Vanessa Smith


  1. I do most of it on my IPad actually 🙈😂 I get out the laptop or use the desktop if I get time alone to write, which is rare! I generally type up a bit from my iPad and pictures go in from my laptop a bit after. My hubs does it all from his phone.

  2. On the computer …specifically my iMac desktop because it is large. It handles it all. I am at my desk..which means blogging and I can see all of the screen and add my pics from the computer so easily. I can respond to blog comments and make them on others’ blogs via my iPhone /ipad but this is the only way I blog. It helps my back health and head too as I am not straining. I am all about the tech comfort these days. Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek 11/52 Next week: Autumn
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  3. I’ve blogged on my phone a couple of times (from my car, in airports etc) but I find it a bit constrained I guess. I like to have a bigger screen to be able to see more of what I’ve written previously.
    I usually write at home on my laptop at the kitchen table (although I wrote the last one from my lounge in front of the TV). #lifethisweek

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