Slip Your Personal Life In

Slip Your Personal Life In

On my personal blog, NormalNess, I don’t mention the TV shows I watch. This is mostly because I prefer to stay spoiler-free. But for shows I love that are sadly long-cancelled, there’s no harm in mentioning them.


On one particular post, I mentioned Stargate, as I’m a long time fan. It was a side note in the post, but it generated comments from others who said they loved the show too. People who may have otherwise read the post but not commented decided to comment.


I sometimes struggle with the balance of personal in storytelling while blogging. Often I want to cut the fluff and just tell people something! I either cut out the fluff or put too much in.


Slip Your Personal Life In


Slip Your Personal Life In


The other year someone told me I wasn’t much of a storyteller. That stung a bit. Especially as I thought I was being very open at the time. But then I realised that like most things, I have a bit of a cycle or rhythm. I was in a ‘cut to the point’ stage when they said that. I don’t think either is ‘better’, but I think if you write a personal blog, you need to be aware of if you’ve gone too far in either direction. Not only may it put off readers, but it might be that you’re revealing things you’d rather not.


The good thing is that if you go too far to the ‘get to the point’ side, you can just start slipping in more of your personal life, like I did in mentioning a TV show as a small anecdote in the blog post. Not everything needs to be a detailed life story, just small, human things so others can connect with you.


Do you find you sway between ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’? What kind of personal things have you put in a blog post that people have really connected with? 


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