Tips For Participating In A Tweet Chat

It has been a while since I was in a tweet chat, but they are really good ways of talking about current issues in blogging, as well as ways of connecting with other bloggers. However, the pace can be very fast and it’s overwhelming when you’re not used to it.


Tips For Participating In A Tweet Chat


My biggest tip is to use multiple tabs. I have tabs for:


  1. Main feed: this is my usual twitter feed. It’s so I can monitor twitter in general
  2. Notifications: a tab for the @ mentions that I get. This makes it easy to reply quickly and on topic
  3. Hashtag feed: this is the feed (using the live/most recent option) to read the tweets on the tweet topic
  4. Host feed: this is the account that is hosting the tweet chat. The host is usually the one who is asking the questions that the participants respond to


Do you use tweet chats? How do you manage the fast pace?


Vanessa Smith

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