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Bloggers and Bacon is going on a new content hiatus for a while. I’ve been struggling to keep up with my plans for this blog, and there’s a book (an actual, physical book) that I’m trying to write and not progressing far in! I feel like the book needs my focus for now. (There’s a loooong post about it all on my personal blog; you can read it here.)


#ArchiveLove will continue every Friday, but I will be hosting it on my personal blog, NormalNess. I love seeing people’s old posts from their archives.


I still have so many ideas and goals for this blog, but when I put the metaphorical pen to paper, nothing is coming out how I want it to. So I’m going to let those ideas marinate for a while and see what comes of them.


My Time Management eBook and Contentum Creatio eCourse will remain available for purchase – I still love these products and think they help bloggers immensely.


Vanessa Smith


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