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I am happy to work with brands in the following ways:


Reviewing products complimentary to bloggers & blogging

This may be tech accessories, travel accessories, digital cameras, productivity tools or books. That’s just a guideline – basically if you think busy bloggers would use your product, please get in contact with me and we can talk! Reviews are generally only accepted on the condition they are also a competition for readers – after all, it’s readers who I want to keep happy!


If relevant, review posts will be shared across other social media accounts (see my travel & personal/lifestyle blogs).



Who doesn’t like to learn about funky new things going on? I’m happy to attend an event (or other fun thing) about products or services. Please contact me at to see if this suits. I’m located in Brisbane, but happy to travel if this is covered – this will also make me more likely to attend!


General policies:

All posts that have brands mentioned will have full disclosure, no follow links, be written by myself and be completely honest about both positives and negatives. Associated giveaways will be a game of skill only to comply with national laws & will be sent directly from you to the winner.


If you have any further questions or want to pitch me an idea – please feel free to email me:


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