I love blogging, social media and the communities that people build these days. So much so that I work in this area!


You’ll find more detail on the specific pages, but here’s an overview of the services I offer:


Blog Coaching

This is designed for other bloggers, who want to turn their for-fun blog into something that also makes an income.


Social Media Review

Social media reviews are aimed at businesses who are engaging with customers online but want to know that they’re doing well. It’s the type of review that is great to do every six to twelve months so that you know you have kept on track to receive real value from using social media for business.


Social Media Review and Strategy

A social media review and strategy incorporates the same details as the social media review, but takes it one step further with a comprehensive strategy and a 30 minute follow up to make sure you’re going in the direction you need to.



I freelance as a social media manager, writer, WordPress trainer and virtual assistant.


If you have any questions, please check out the links above or email me: vanessa AT bloggersandbacon DOT com.

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