I offer social media consulting and training for businesses. I am particularly interested in helping small businesses get their name ‘out there’ and making their business more successful.


So how can I help you? Well, read on!


Social Media Management

Love connecting with your customers online but find it’s a bit confusing and a lot time consuming? That’s where I come in. I can curate relevant content, talk to your . I can even set up social media accounts for you if you’re starting from scratch.



I’ve been writing online in one format or another since 2002, and blogging in the current sense since 2011. I can get your blog posts written and optimised for SEO, with sharable photos. I can also help you out with newsletters, copywriting, general editing and most other writing tasks.


WordPress Training & Maintenance

Have a WordPress website but not really sure how to use it? That’s ok, I can help you! We can run through how to use the parts of WordPress that you need to know, not what someone else says you should know!


About Me:

I have over a decade of experience in working with and in pretty much every business type available: small businesses, professional associations, universities, consultancies, multinational companies, governments and not-for-profits. I have a degree in anthropology (which basically means I’m an over-analysing nerd who loves qualitative data).


After writing online in different ways since 2002 I found blogging in its current sense a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started Bloggers and Bacon to help bloggers of all types to learn more about blogging.


Every business is different so if you want to learn more about how I can help you, shoot me an email at vanessa AT bloggersandbacon DOT com and we can talk about how to work together.

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