Working With Brands

Have you heard that bloggers get to work with brands?Attend cool events?

Trial new products?

Get paid to write about products and services you like?


Or are you not sure what the fuss is all about and need to learn some more about it?


Working With Brands


Well, if any of those are true, you’re in the right place! This page is the permanent home with links to everything I’ve ever written about working with brands. How to get started, how to research brands, how many followers you need … it’s all here!


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Media Kit Basics



How Many Followers Do I Need To Work With A Brand?



How To Get Started On Working With A Brand



Receiving Your First Sponsored Post Pitch



How To Follow Up With Brands After A Sponsored Post



How To Cold Email A Brand



How To Say Thanks But No Thanks To A Brand



How To Ask A Brand For More Money


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